Get Bright!

Wheel Life Cyclery is exicted to be part of this year's Get Bright campaign! 

Days are getting shorter.  If you're out in the evenings on your bicycle, you're already riding in the dark. And in a few weeks, you might even be riding in the dark on your way to and from work or school.

Having a white front light and a red rear light is not only required by law if you ride at night, it is also the single most effective piece of safety equipment you can buy. It makes you more visible, and hence less likely to be in a collision. A full quarter of all collisions happens at night!

Lights are a must not only if you ride on city streets, but also on pathways.  If others can't see you, they can't make way for you, and they might step or steer into your way.  And a pothole or tree root bump is more easily avoided if you can see it.

So, get a good set of lights. They're not expensive, and they may literally save your life.

Through September 2013, Wheel Life would like to extend a 15% discount on all regularly priced bike lights in stock. Stop by the shop and check out our selection of KNOG and LIGHTS & MOTION lights to brighten the dark winter months.