Well, it has been a long time coming, and while the shop is not 100% set-up yet (maybe 67%?), we're cleared to be back open.  As such, the doors shall become unlocked as of Tuesday February 13th.

Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th we'll have coffee and morning snacks for a bit of a store "launch", but feel free to come down before then if you need any last minute Valentines Day gifts (N+1 is forever...) and such.  ;)


Unit B1 #27 McRae Street, Okotoks, Alberta..... Opening Soon!

It's been a busy few weeks behind the scenes here at Wheel Life Cyclery, but we're working hard to get the shop re-opened ASAP. 

We anticipate being back open by early February, but until then can still be reached via phone, by emailing us at info@wheellife.ca, or by contacting us thru our website..... which I guess is where you're reading this.  ;)

Remember to keep checking back here, and to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Thanks for your continued support!

Garage Sale 2017!!!

Wheel Life Cyclery will be extending our hours for Saturday October 28th (9am-5pm) and Sunday the 29th (10am-2pm), for our second annual "Garage Sale" event!

This sale will see us once again spill out of the shop limits, and will feature discounts on every item in store. There will be bikes, framesets, forks, accessories, parts, shoes and clothing, and maybe even some donuts if you're there early enough.

There will be lots of special deals, one off items, random stuff pulled out from dusty boxes, mystery items, smiles, and probably a ton of other stuff we've forgotten to write down.

Come join us for our biggest sale event of the year!


"Introduction to Mountain Biking" Classes!

Wheel Life Cyclery is proud to announce that we have paired up with ZerkaDO Fitness (https://www.zerkadofitness.com/) to help launch a series of beginner level mountain biking courses!

There will be a female specific version of the two-day course (July 8th-9th, 2017), as well as a Co-Ed course (July 22nd-23rd, 2017).  Both courses will feature a day of theory and hands-on practice (basic bike fit, skills, and maintenance), and on the second day, a guided trip out on the trails. 

Both days will contain reasonable amounts of physical activity, the emphasis is really on just getting out, learning new skills, becoming more comfortable on your bike, and most importantly, having fun! Our goal is that everyone smiles so much that their cheeks will be the muscles that ache the most!

Instruction, review, and guidance will be provided by PMBIA certified instructors and Wheel Life Cyclery staff.

Check out the ZerkaDO Fitness website, their Facebook page, or contact Wheel Life Cyclery for more information!




Holiday Hours, Holiday Breaks, and So Forth...

With Christmas less than two weeks away, I figured I should probably toss up a quick post for anyone who didn't just head directly to the "contact" section to see what our Holiday Hours were going to be this year.  Up until Christmas day, the shop hours will look like this:

Tuesday thru Saturday: 10am-5pm.

Saturday December 24th (aka: Christmas Eve/last minute shopping day): 10am-12noon

Yup, that's right, we'll be open on the 24th!  Not for the full day mind you, but we'll be here 'till 12noon helping everyone out with those last minute gifts (I know I'd be pretty stoked to find a fatbike under my tree!).  After noon though.......well, we're gonna close the doors for a while, spend some time with our families and friends, and maybe even try to squeeze in a few epic snow rides.  Yup that's right, Wheel Life Cyclery will be closed for a full week after Christmas, and will be reopening on Tuesday January 3rd.

Sunday December 25th thru Monday January 2nd: CLOSED

Happy Holidays to everyone from the WLC crew!

12 Days of Chrismas (or seasonal holiday of your choice) Sale

Wheel Life Cyclery will be hosting a Holiday Sale for the 12 days that we are open before Christmas.

The sale will start at 10am on Friday December 9th, and the final day will be Saturday December 24th (we will be open 10am-3pm on Christmas Eve).

Each of the 12 days will have a unique sale/special, revealed on our facebook event page the evening before, and offered only for that one day.


Change is in the air...

Uh oh! 

Looks like "someone" figured out how to get control of the internets and is gonna be taking it upon themselves to put a bit of work into WLC's quaint little website.  Are we talking huge site do-over?  No.....our focus is on bikes, not on blingy interweb graphics.  BUT.......we realize that some updates would be good for the shop, and great for the customers, and so here we go..... baby steps......

More to come...