Whitefish or Bust: Bears and Borders...

After a few days of radio silence, our riders reappeared in the digital world and sent us some info to let us know that all is going well with their bikepacking adventure.


After spending a night near Corbin at a cool hidden campsite, Day 5 started smoothly, but quickly turned into a day long epic. Two mountain passes, a freak hailstorm, and an encounter with a couple of startled bears left everyone fairly drained at the end of a 115km day. A relatively sketchy provincial campground would be their home for the night, where the 4 riders would spend the night listening to yet more rain instead of catching up on their sleep.


Day 6 was a huge day for elevation gain with the crew climbing the Wigwam pass, and crushing “The Wall” a sub-10km climb with some 1000m of elevation gain. A fast decent afterwards would take them down to the border crossing and onward to Eureka, where after a draining 68km day, the group decided to splurge on a night of relative luxury in a roadside motel…..