Whitefish or Bust: The Tour Divide Section 1


So what happens when you take bunch of local riders, strap a bunch of stuff to their bikes, and drop them off in Banff with a compass that insists on primarily pointing South?

Local cycling buff/WLC staff member/ZerkADo Fitness guy/beer enthusiast Jason Jerk decided to find out, and over the past few months he’s managed to trick and convince an additional handful of riders in joining him on his quest for adventure. And by trick and convince I mean pass the majority of planning and motivating off to another member of the trip. You know, as you do…

This coming Friday July 19th will see him, his better half, and 5 others dip their feet into the world of bikepacking and ultra endurance riding as they trace out the first section of the infamous Tour Divide route from Banff (Alberta, Canada) to Whitefish (Montana, USA).

Leading up to their start, we hope to take a quick peek at some of the bikes and gear they will use, and along the way we hope to have a few updates, pictures and stories.

Stay tuned…