Customers Rides # 3: Salsa Beargrease - FATpacking

Our third “Customers Rides” bike belongs to the one female going on the Banff-to-Whitefish trip, and her well color coordinated bikepacking setup is based on the fast and versatile Salsa Beargrease.


Bike: 2016 Salsa Beargrease SUS X01

Upgrades: A set of Surly Knard 26x4.0 tires and a bunch of pink stuff… Crank Brothers Candy pedals. Lizard Skins lock-on grips. Beaver Guard Bluto Fender.

Gear: Revelate Designs SweetRoll Handlebar Bag . Revelate Designs Gas Top Tube bag. Revelate Designs Ranger Framebag. Revelate Designs Mountain Feedbags. Revelate Designs Pika Seatbag.