Shop Life in Bicycle Land: A Random Ramble

There are days that you get to ride fancy dream bikes.  There are days that you get to ride budget bikes.  There are lots of days you don't get to ride at all. 

It's funny, because with all of the bikes I have tried and owned, one of my favorites is still my Surly 1X1.  It's been modified with an angle grinder, touched up with spray paint, and cobbled together with a parts mix spanning 1996 to present.  It was set up as a mountain bike originally, and now serves a more utilitarian role.  But it's comfy, capable, and pretty much bombproof.

I think we often get too caught up on WHAT we ride, and don't focus enough on the fact THAT we ride.  Cycling is a lifestyle we all share in a lot of ways, and no matter what sort of bike (or what wheel size...) you choose, we're all in the same boat together..... Sentanced to life behind bars.