Making a MONSTER: Part 3

Well, lots of other fun shop projects......and the realization that I have to do some real work every day..... has slowed the Ice Cream MONSTER Truck project a bit over the past few weeks.  But, a renewed interest in making the most monstrous monster ever had the ICT back on the stands this week, and there is much to report.

Namely....... IT LIVES!!!

But, I'm getting ahead of myself from a blog perspective.

The key to making this whole thing functional and ride-able came in the form of a new WolfTooth Drop-Stop chainring.  While most companies seem to ignore Surly's wacky (yet functionally awesome) "OD" crankset, WolfTooth decided to bust out some sweeeeeeet new 1x rings to fit the off kilter 94bcd 5-bolt set-up.  We brought in a bunch of the 28t and 30t options, but decided to use the 28t in this case, because of the SnowShoe 2XL's crazy huge outside diameter.


The real thing that makes these rings worth every cent in this application is the fact that they are machined with a small "shelf" on the crank side which effectively places the center line of the chainring right smack dab in the middle of where the inner and outer chainrings would normally reside.


And what does that mean in practice?  Two things mainly:

1. In a "standard" 1x set-up, these rings will give you a chain line that effectively "splits the difference" of the standard 2x chainring positions.  In layman works really well.

2. In a "not standard" 1x set-up.......and by that I mean, "If you choose to run SnowShoe 2XL tires..... on 100mm rims no less.....the chain still clears the tire with 3-4mm of clearance in the largest rear cog (which in our case is a giant 42 tooth compliments of a great SunRace MS3 11-42t cassette).

Sure it doesn't seem like much clearance in a picture, but it works just fine (and honestly is about as much clearance as you get with some stock set-ups anyway).

And there you have it....... Wheel Life Cyclery has made a Ice Cream MONSTER Truck!  Once the trial and error part was out of the way, it's actually a pretty simple conversion, and nothing that's too hard on the pocket book either.

The bike is in the shop (and technically available...) if anyone wants to come witness this beast in person.  Pictures REALLY do not do justice to how big these tires really are!