Making a MONSTER: Part 2

No photos this week sadly, but some updates on the Ice Cream MONSTER Truck (ICMT?) none the less.

With our attention turned to the drive line, it quickly seemed like the extra tire width was possibly going to contribute to interference with the chain.  Luckily, we had multiple plans in mind to try to counter this:

Plan 1:  Cross our fingers that everything would miraculously work with no real changes.  While we were very hopeful here.....we were also realistic enough to not stop out planning hat this point.  Sure enough, in the front small chainring and the granny gear out back, the chain was within a millimeter of hitting the tire.  Clearly not acceptable, since these tires will certainly require some easy gearing.

Plan 2: Swap out the 2x drivetrain to a 1x set-up.  Out went the 11-36t cassette, and on went a sweeeeeeet 11-42t stack.  Out front we stuck with the Surly OD cranks, and opted for their 28t narrow-wide ring and matching bashguard.  Unfortunately here, the 28t ring resides in the same spot as the stock 22t granny.  It's an ideal location with "normal" 4.8" tires, but here it doesn't cut the mustard and creates the same rubbing.

Plan 3: New crankset.  The interweb speaks of some Race Face cranks that fit the ICT, and with the new cinch mount aboard, the possibility of finding a gear that would give clearance seemed likely.  But new cranks ain't cheap, we didn't have any in the shop that fit the bill, and quite frankly it seemed like a bit of a waste to toss out a perfectly good set of OD's.

Plan 4: Try more chainrings.  With a bit of searching thru catalogs from our various distributors, a possibly easy solution presented itself.  A quick "Add to Cart" was busted out moments before the boss man checked out the order, and now some fancy new rings are soon to be en route.

More updates soon!