Well, it would seem that a year of Game of Thrones "Winter is Coming" memes were correct, and the return of white fluff piles and associated negative temps have plunged us back into the core stereotype of being Canadian.

And so what does that mean for cycling?  Lots, something, or nothing depending on who you are......

There are still 3 cyclocross races to slip and slide thru over the next week and change (Dark Knight, Cadence Cross, and the always ridiculous SCXAB17).  Luckily those riders are well versed in both riding in terrible conditions, and in bringing their own warming beverages.

4 season commuters will plug along like nothing has changed......cause frankly, those are the most hardcore cyclists out there.  Many will go the other way though, hanging up their helmets and instead switching to skis, snowshoes, snowboards, or pizza and binge-watching Netflix.

Fatbikers are no doubt getting giddy and airing down tires while layering up in merino wool for what should shape up to be another great season of balloon tire fun.

And us at the shop?  Well, I think we're dipping out toes into a bit of everything.  Fatbikes and Plusbikes are a plenty on the shop floor, studded tires are piling up, and 45NRTH gear is hanging on the walls.  We'll be at the cyclocross races in some capacity.  We'll be in the shop Tuesday-Saturdays.  We'll be dreaming of rides, sneaking in the occasional one, and planning (and exciting) some cool shop projects.  And we'll be trying to sneak in the occasional blog update too.

Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter..... they're just 4 different flavors of cycling goodness.