Making a MONSTER: Part 1

Every once and a while a bike is released upon the masses that just changes everything.  I feel that at the forefront of this statement, clearly must stand Surly.  On the oversized tire front, their Pugsley can be credited for making fatbikes what they are today, the Moonlander introduced us to how fat FAT could be, and the Krampus showed us that Plus could be a plus.  And then there was the Ice Cream Truck.....

The ICT showed us that you could take the fattest of the fat wheels and tires, combine them with the fattest of the fat industry spacing standards, and toss in some long and low geometry to make a quick handling monster truck of a bicycle.  The Ice Cream Truck is a true Go Anywhere bike that will suit you well in all 4 seasons, no matter what stands in your path.

But what if that's just not good enough?

There are certain types of people out there that always have to push the boundaries.  Spicy just isn't spicy enough.  Fast just isn't fast enough.  Big just isn't big enough.  Fat just isn't FAT enough.  Enter Vee Racing and the SnowShoe 2XL Tire.


This beastly beast of a tire was released upon the industry in 2016 without a single bike available to swallow up it's 5.05" width.  While a "mere" quarter of an inch wider than a 4.8" tire doesn't seem like much, it has to be witnessed in person to truly understand it's actual physical size ramifications.  The extra width also causes the outside diameter to balloon up to an astounding 30.5" (as measured mounted to 100mm Clown Shoe rims).  That's right, it's a full 1.5" taller than a Schwalbe Jumbo Jim 4.0 mounted on 80mm rims.  It's a brute among brutes.

Naturally the Surly Ice Cream Truck seemed like the logical bike to swallow this up.  Many folks tried, and the huge O.D was what thwarted them.  But clearly this couldn't be the end? 

With a bit of quiet time at the shop, the WLC crew was on it.  After much persistence (and maybe some harassment), we finally managed to get our hands on a few sets of Surly's latest MSD drop out chips.......

These little babies have a few sweet tricks up their sleeves.  To be "a few" I mean 4 that I have found so far:

1. Allows you to utilize a standard (non-direct mount) rear derailleur.

2. Allows you to lengthen OR shorten the rear chainstay length over the stock location.

3. Allows you to mount to your bike with the addition of another set of eyelets.

4. Allows you to squeeze in Vee Racing SnowShoe 2XL 5.05" tires!!!!!

As teased on Surly's own social media accounts many moons ago, the 2XL fits with no issues in the overly spacious front fork.  With a workable amount of space in the back, the project is moving ahead. 

Next up......getting the driveline to work.